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Video Software Development services
John Sokol is video compression expert, and has created countless video and DVR applications for both Unix/Linux and Windows, written in C and C++. Mr Sokol and his team are available for contract software development.

For more information see: Video Technology Development Service

Mini Safe

The Protekto Mini Safe is small enough to hide in cars, under table, chairs and desks. It can hold Jewelry, cash, credit cards and other valuables and keep them hidden and protected.

They way the Protekto Safe works is it's both Glued and screwed down in place and can only be opened with a lock and key. Once the draw is in place, you can not unscrew it.

It's extreamly rugged and even in a machine shop would take hours to open. So don't loose your key. The keys can not be duplicated!

For more info see the site at Protekto Mini Safe

DVR systems for sale
is now selling a DVR solution that was written by several members of the Video Technology team.

The DVR systems are sold as whole units. The hardware is standard Intel Based PC that run Windows 2000. The software is unique in that it supprots several different manufactures capture boards including the Aver Media cards. Manufacturers with new DVR Capture hardware many want to consider our software.

Our software supports from 1 to 16 cameras at full Screen and Full Motion. Using the PC's Intel CPU and our own Wavelet Compression software, we get unpresidented recording rates and high image quality. The compression code is MMX and SSE2 optimized and is so efficient with compress and decompress there is no need for hardware accelleration. We can record up to 2 months of video on a 16 camera system!
The software has excellent search and review capablities for recorded video, and can export standard MPEG video clips. It also supports remote archiving over FTP, and CIFS (Microsoft network file systems across lan).

The software can stream 16 channels of live or syncronized recorded video across the internet and even allow remote viewing of video over wireless handheld devices that run WINCE(windows CE) such as PDA's and Smartphones. The video can support variable bandwidth's as low or as high as possible so even a 14.4Modem can video 16 video streams with audio and still work amasingly well.

Support for all PTZ cameras, Audio, and capture of POS and switch/alarm sensor data is also included. Since we control the source code, we often add custom features for our customers. We can also handle large orders and system installations including cameras.

View of User interface.

Contact for info and price quotes.

H.264 DVR cards SDKs
From: "Andy Hsu"
To: SOKOL - at - V I D E O T E C H N O L O G Y.COM
Subject: provide some attractive new H.264 DVR cards SDKs,good quality and best prices!
Dear Sirs

We are a professional CCTV system supplier from China.we can provide whole solutions for Digital Video System.

We have refreshed our online catalogs at , and now it covers the latest new products, which are now available from stock. We believe that you will find some attractive additions to our product line,such as KAV4000E/KAV8000E/Power line IP camera and so on. Once you have had time to study the supplement, please let us know if you would like to take the matter further. we would be very happy to send samples to you for close inspection.

We will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Hsu

Security Camera-to-DVR Setup on Linux?
Slashdot article
mrperkins asks: "I have been asked to help a friend setup a Linux DVR (Digital Video Recording) system for security cameras. Previously this has been done on Windows XP using Avermedia video capture cards from the MP3000 and MP5000 series, and using their bundled software. They have a Linux version but the software is horribly broken. The Windows software allows playback/recording/backup from 4-16 cameras. This works reasonably well but certainly has it's share of problems - the PC's hardware being only one. Can this be done on Linux using Free Software and compatible hardware? I have heard that the frame rates achievable under video4linux are simply too slow, but I would like to prove otherwise! Are there any software packages that can do this kind of thing (not just a single stream but a fully featured package)? Also, what cards (pref. up to max $200US) would you recommend? If anyone is already doing this kind of thing please let me know what you're using!"

Cambozola and other Open Source DVR Tools.
Cambozola Cambozola is a very simple (cheesey!) viewer for multipart jpeg streams that are often pumped out by a streaming webcam server, sending over multiple images per second. Netscape will display and refresh these automatically, but Internet Explorer and other browsers do not - they will only display the first image.

Axis Camera Gallery Examples of what Cambozola is good at displaying

Webcam software

If you want to stream from your own server, you'll need to use some streaming webcam software, some Linux-friendly package are:


Livecam Server

Motion is a software motion detector. It grabs images from video4linux devices and/or from webcams (such as the axis network cameras). Motion is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on your property keeping only those images that are interesting. Motion is strictly command line driven and can run as a daemon with a rather small footprint.

ZoneMinder a Linux video camera security and surveillance solution. ZoneMinder is intended for use in single or multi-camera video security
It is designed to run on distributions which support the Video For Linux (V4L) interface and has been tested with video cameras attached to BTTV cards, various USB cameras and IP network cameras.



Caught on Tape, Well Hard Disk these days.

Turn a PC into a 16 Camera DVR

High Res photo here

Clone Kodicom DVR Boards are available from many Asian source for as low as $50 each.

Hongkong Huawei International Electronic Limited in China Sells KMC-8800,KMC-4400,KMC-416 Boards.

Chengyu Technology Development Co Also sell DVR cards including kodicom card, geovision card, aver media card, PICO 2000, WDT series.

ineSun also in China Selle the ES416 for $65 this is a 4400R clone also.

Shenzhen Jmav Technology Co.,Ltd take a look athe model JM-1016

Other resellers include,
Asbao [China]
CKEA Video Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
Chengyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China]
Chongqing NetVision Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
Cyclone Group [China]
E-Tecs Ltd [China]
Eho Tech Co., Limited [China]
HongKong Songi Industry Ltd. [China]
Howell International Electronic Co.,ltd [China]
Inesun [China]
Kingdvr co.,ltd [China]
Kingnow Intelligence System Corp. [China]
Konywell Technologies Co.Ltd [China]
NEOCQ [Korea(South)]
NEW SURWAY Digital Technology (SHENZHEN) Co.,LTD. [China]
NetvisionTechnology Co., Ltd [China]
New Surway Digital Technology Co,LTD [China]
Ning Ning Electronics Ltd [China]
Safelong Co.,Ltd. [China]
Shanghai Chengfeng Digital High-Tech Co., Ltd. [China]
ShenZhen Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd [China]
ShenZhen YiShi Electronic Co.,Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen 3C electronic co.,ltd [China]
Shenzhen Aopvision Tech Co.,Ltd [China]
Shenzhen City Hualingan Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen Hualingan Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen Jingtian Hawell Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen Komsa Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen Selead Technology Developing Co., Ltd [China]
Shenzhen Skybest Electronic Co.,Ltd. [China]
Shenzhen TMVideo Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
Shenzhen Thinkway Technology Co., Ltd [China]
Shenzhen YiShi Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd [China]
Shenzhen longview Technology Co., Ltd [China]
Shenzhen vangold electronics co.,ltd [China]
Shenzhen xinsanjia electronical [China]
T.T.International(Hong Kong)Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
TT Int'l Hk Tech Limited [China]
Topsky Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd [China]
safelong Co.,Ltd [China]

I'll try to Google out the URL's for these later

Even E-bay 2 two on auction right now for under $20. 1/20/2003
The main reason I like the 4400r board is they have a very distinctive shape and color that allow me to look at a thumbnail image and be 100% know for certain that the board has a Conexant Fusion capture chips on it.

About the KMC-4400R

The boards are 120 Frame per second boards. Meaning there are 4 image capture chips on board. Each able to capture a 30fps full motion video stream. It support up to 16 cameras.

They work with DigiNet software I have tried Version 4.13 and 4.16 for Windows 98/Se/2k/XP. DigiNet is often resold under many differnet names. Elite, Avalon, Apollo etc... I have some of the manuals here

This board is supported by the bttv driver in Linux 2.6.10 and later as well as in FreeBSD it shows up a 4 seperate BKTR devices. Under freeBSD I had to write a little utility to configure a multiplexer chip on that board.

It uses the Bt878 / Conexant Fusion 878A chips, one of the most popular and my favorate.

On these boards is a PCI bridge and an Intersil CD22M3494 Chip. The Intersil chip is what makes these boards really interesting. This is a 16x8x1 BiMOS-E Crosspoint Switch. in english what that means is that it's like a patch pannel. I can switch any input to any port on any chip.

I have personaly written a utility to enable this board by programming the Crosspoint switch. It's for FreeBSD 4.9 and 5.1. Once this is ran, each Bt878 look like a stand alone capture board.

My livecam ( Now supports these boards on FreeBSD to provide 4 live streaming video feeds. I have the source code available also.

Contact Me for more info.

For Sale: OEM DVR Hardware Compression Source Code

For Sale: OEM DVR Hardware Compression “Source Code”

Since 1995 Proprietary Access Control Enterprises, Inc. (PACE) has been a systems integration company specializing in corporate security. In 2004 it created an OEM product division called Digital Video Resources to share in the profits of the booming DVR surveillance market. This division has newly developed an 8 and16 channel audio/video hardware compressed DVR system that on average utilizes less than 2% of the main CPU time. This is done using the on-board audio/video compression abilities of the Thakral capture card and can both live view and record at 480 frames per second. Due to an acquisition and new business focus, PACE is selling off the Digital Video Resources division. Included with this sale are all website and marketing materials that have been created around the hardware compressed DVR systems.

Platform: Microsoft Windows XP
IDE: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Best Feature: User interface is very easy to learn
Price: $25k USD. Offers are being accepted.

Manufacturer of the hardware compressed capture cards:

16-channel DVR system product sheet:
DVR MC-480 Product Sheet

Demonstration remote software for download:
DVR MC Client Software

For further information contact:
Raymond Downs
(714) 402-7223

eLViS: Linux Video Surveillance
eLViS: Linux Video Surveillance
From an email exchanges with Roy Souther of

Linux Video Surveillance AKA eLViS is an Open Source project to provide a GUI for the motion capture program, another Open Source project. You are welcome to download the code.

eLViS is unlike e.L.V.I.S (from Pervasys) in that it does not do live Internet streaming as is the main feature of e.L.V.I.S.
e.L.V.I.S (electronic Live Video Internet Streaming - from Pervasys), now defunct was a reincarnation of the Livecam video server and shared much of the same source code as livecam.

eLViS is still in it's infancy but has had a lot of interest. Currently we are looking for two more investors to help advance it to the next level of being a quality product and still remain Open Source.

CCTV Lense calulator
Field of View Calculator

DVR capture cards

GeoVision website Taiwan
GeoVision Virtual Demo Excellent
Reseller of Geovision DVR Capture cards

Anko-Tech Resells Geovision, KODICOM, AverMedia and others

Kocom These guys used to make the best cheap little Video Confrencing camera

SungJin C&C I worked with these guys a little back in 1998 to get there DiSS DVR product out. I was one of the first 16 channel DVR capture boards to ever be made but was only sold as whole unit.

Comart Systems Korea

AnexTek - DVR Manufacture in Taiwan

Kodicom DVR Software maker in Korea.
Kodicom 4400R is a PCI interface card with 4 separate bt878A controllers, handling 16 separate cameras.
Using the Kodicom cards under Linux

AverMedia DVR Boards

Polaris USA

ComCam CCTV Products

EverSecure DVR Boards, GeoVision & AVerMedia Board distributor

Honeywell Video Systems

Misc Links
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Build your own PVR

Facts & Myths about DVR's

Bolide has several sites

Bolide CCTV Cameras

Bolide Int co.

ESpy mall

Bolide also has 3 franchise location of the "Security & Spy Outlet".

Santa Anna Store
2800 N. Main Street, Suite #301
Santa Ana,CA 90276

City of Industry Store
18605 E. Gale Ave. Suite# 168
City of Industry, CA 91748

Ontario Mill Store
One Mills Circle #1027
Ontario, CA, 91764


Security Industry Association (SIA)

ASIS - (American Society for Industrial Security)

Trade Shows

ISC West

ASIS show Dallas Sep 27-30 2004



Linux - Video Disk Recorder

KDE - Kvdr - the GUI for your virtual Video Recorder

VICON Industries, VICONNet 800-645-9116

Express 6. Video Server is a small standalone server (no PC required) that streams video from up to six video cameras that plug into the back of it.

JPEG Cameras .com

 740 E Arrow Hwy # E
 Covina, CA 91722-2144
 Pinecomputer website

Mobile DVR

Super CircuitsCamera Supplier

COP USA CCTV Security Products, With location in City of Industry, Ca.

Tongwei Video Technology (HK) Co., Ltd


GeniusTek in Taiwan. Makes the The GTRAC-A is the GSM/SMS based GPS tracking device.

San Jose Navigation Inc. GL-50B, G-19B

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